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Yari Pares Vincenty was born on June 9, 1978 in Newark, New Jersey. His first writings were recognized when Yari was in 4th grade through a graphic horror story he wrote that frightened his classmates. It was not until later, during his freshman year at Barringer High School that Yari became inspired by a writer visiting his school library, where Yari would regularly go to skip class and hide, to do something with his talent and share it with the world. Because of the influence of this visiting writer, his first story was published during his freshman year in the school’s literary magazine. Growing up in Newark was not easy especially for a young Latino male looking for acceptance, identity and positive role models. Yari started hanging out with the wrong crowd, getting himself into trouble and watching friends get lost to the street life. In a world where society tends to classify and label those who are different, Yari managed to find himself and his purpose.


Yari attended the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and two years later, his Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling. Yari is a known writer, poet and activist using his talent to transmit lessons and messages of identity and social protest to the masses. He has been a speaker at various colleges and universities in both Puerto Rico and New Jersey including many schools throughout the city of Newark. Yari has also collaborated with various organizations within the city of Newark to help and serve the community.  He is a true and loyal son of the “Bricks” which he references throughout his many works.

Yari Pares currently works as a school guidance counselor and uses his stories and poetry to motivate and inspire students. He provides workshops where he integrates visuals and integrates his poetry and writings to transmit his message of making good decisions , the consequences of bad ones, self-awareness, culture, identity, and goal setting. 

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